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We offer a wide range of optical and sunglasses glazed with prescription lenses to order. These can be bifocal, varifocal or photochromic to your liking.

Bifocal lenses are those that contain two optical powers, each in a distinct separate section, for reading and distance vision.

Varifocal lenses contain three blended prescriptions for near, mid and far distances.

Photochromic or transition lenses are clear lenses that convert to dark when exposed to UV light, thus protecting the wearer from the sun’s harmful rays without them having to carry an extra pair of sunglasses. These are particularly useful for those who drive or work outside professionally.

We work with high end lens manufacturers including Essilor, Pentax and Zeiss.

We also have a wide selection of ready made reading glasses ranging in strength from +1 to +3.

Please refer to the specialist contact lenses section of our website to see the vast selection of contact lenses we can provide.

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