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    If like me you find yourself in your 40s then you maybe coming to the realization that amongst other areas of your health perhaps slowing down you may also note that your eyesight may also be not as sharp as it once was. It is about this time that you will need to consider reading glasses. Our busy lives and the reliance on technology means besides traditional reading of printed books and newspapers that we are using our eyes on a variety of different platforms such as tablets, mobiles and tv screens all of which place a strain on the eyes and can lead to a tiredness and loss of visual sharpness.

    Ready reading glasses     IMG_0181

    In 1989 the UK allowed reading glasses without prescription to be sold over the counter to customers. Throughout that time we have seen a growth in these being sold at a number of places such as supermarkets, discount stores and markets. This has been great in terms of building up a convenience factor and accessibility in that they can be purchased, lost and easily replaced if the need be.

    Ready reading glasses     Ready reading glasses

    However the often cheap and readily available reader needs to be bought carefully. A recent study by the Sunday Mirror in December 2014 found after studying 12 different pairs of the cheaper readers 11 out of 12 pairs of cheap “ready readers” checked had defects which could cause eye strain, blurred vision and headaches. In other words the cheap readers you buy now to save money could eventually cost you further in terms of your eyesight and in financial terms. A comparable study by consumer magazine Which found similar statistics.

    In real terms ready readers are useful in the shorter term to help with reading but it is essential that you continue to have regular eye tests. Ready readers should only be used for reading and not for any distance vision or driving. Remember each eye is unique and the vision may vary from both so an off the shelf power may not be suitable to your needs anyway.

    IMG_0180      Ready reading glasses

    Finally it is important that if you are going to purchase ready readers that you go to a trained professional opticians for them as they will be able to give you the correct advice. In addition opticians will generally only stock readers that are considered as excellent quality. We here at Eye Excellence stock ready readers from CentroStyle. Not only do they provide stylish alternative ready readers but they are made to a high quality design and standard in order to provide the wearer with great vision and comfort. As you can see from our photos they really do look good. Alternatively we can also place reading lenses in any frame in stock if you so desire.

    Ready reading glasses         Centrostyle_logo


    So whilst it is tempting to save the odd bit of money by purchasing readers on the cheap remember that the cost in the long run could be far more serious. If of course you require more information on ready readers we are contactable through info@eyeexcellence.co.uk or via the telephone on 02074874267.

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