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    The festive month of December continues to roll along and as always in the practice we are busy. In between starting the roll on towards Christmas and New Year period we are looking after our patients as they too look towards their own holiday breaks. At this time it is a good chance to remind people that as much as we are your typical opticians with a great range of glasses for all purposes such as vision, reading and sunglasses, from brands such as Ray Ban. We also cater for the more specialised areas of eye care such as contact lenses.

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    Our main area of expertise is of course in the area of creating ocular prosthesis for patients who have lost an eye through various circumstances. This highly specialised and technical area of eye care is done by very few and takes years of training and study to master. Kanti Fatania, our chief ocularist has been creating specialized artificial eyes for many years now and is highly regarded throughout Europe and the Middle East in particular for his high quality work. As you can see from some of the attached pictures the eyes he creates are highly realistic and give the user full confidence in wearing them.                               photo 3    photo 2

    Each ocular prosthesis is highly detailed and hand made specifically for the patient. The process comprises of a partnership between Kanti & the patient which through dialogue and follow up appointments helps to create a bespoke & unique product.

    If at any time you have queries or an interest in finding out more about this specific area of eye care & treatment then please contact us at info@eyeexcellence.co.uk

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