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  • How long can I wear the prosthesis for at any one time?

    A well made bespoke prosthesis should be suitable for permanent wear. Only for cleaning and asepsis should it be removed.

  • Do I have to take the prosthesis out at night?

    No. As all of our prosthetic shells are geometrically made to fit the individual’s socket perfectly, that is not too loose, not too tight, the level of comfort should allow the patient to sleep soundly at night. Our prostheses and are designed to both look and feel invisible.

  • Can I wear the ocular prosthetic when swimming?


  • Will the ocular prosthetic move?

    This depends on the state of the socket. If the socket muscles are still present and in good condition, the prosthetic will likely be afforded some movement though not necessarily to the same extent as the remaining biological eye.

  • How do I clean the prosthesis?

    We recommend Boston Cleaner and Conditioner to be used as and when the patient feels necessary, and Progent to be used every 1 to 2 months. They are easy to use, hassle free products additionally requiring only old fashioned hands and tap water.

  • Will the ocular prosthetic restore sight?

    Unfortunately not. The prosthetic is for cosmetic purposes only. We do however do unique projects here such as hard cosmetic prescription lenses to conceal for example nevus of ota or excessive scleral show (sclera meaning white part of the eye)

  • How often will it need to be replaced?

    For a child it will need to be replaced every six to eighteen months depending on the speed at which they grow. This is to accommodate changes in their socket size and structure as they develop.

    For adults, the ocular prosthesis might last a lifetime or perhaps every ten years. It depends on how much the patient’s biological eye changes due to factors such as age, diet and UV damage. If the changes are significant the ocular prosthetic may need to be modified or created new, to match this.

  • How frequently will I have to return to the clinic?

    We recommend that our patients return to our clinic once a year for asepsis. This is sterilisation of the prosthesis to ensure it is bacteria free. 

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