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    Kanti Fatania – Head Ocularist at Eye Excellence London

    This week our blog looks at our lead ocularist, Kanti Fatania. He has been in the optical profession for over 30 years. Kanti started working in the hospital environment in his early career covering Surrey and Westminster hospitals. In this area he worked in collaboration with eye doctors and clinicians to establish a unique and unusual practice for ophthalmologists. He created a practice at St Thomas Hospital in Central London serving the needs of the hospital patients in and around the area.

    Over the course of his optical career Kanti has continued to strive to improve the quality of services that he provides. Starting as a general optician he then moved on to the more specialised area of fitting complex contact lenses. This involves the creation of handmade lenses both hard or soft for the more unique needs of patients and not readily available on the marketplace. These speciality lenses help people to function perfectly in their normal lives plus providing an aesthetically pleasing result giving the patient full confidence and happiness.

    From there he has developed his skills as an ocularist. This involves the creation of bespoke handmade ocular prosthesis, or in layman’s terms artificial eyes. This is a rare skill offered by few in the UK and requires both a great deal of training and expertise in order to develop.

    ocular prosthesis     ocular prosthesis

    In this area Kanti works in a collaborative partnership with opthalmologists and the patient to ensure that the wearer has the best possible ocular prosthesis that will work both in a functional capacity and also give the realistic appearance that will help foster confidence after the often traumatic effects of having had such a loss. This is followed up by after care such as polishing or adjusting the lens as time goes on. Testimony to Kanti’s abilities is the fact that he has many returning patients from all over the world come to see him for many years later with ocular prosthetic related treatments.

    In addition Kanti has given lectures on the subject of ocular prosthetics to medical professionals from a range of countries, most notably at the AEO (Association of  European Ocularists) conference in the Netherlands.

    Kanti Fatania AEO Conference

    Kanti at the Association of European Ocularists Conference in The Netherlands

    The current practice in 28 New Cavendish Street, London is medically minded in every aspect of the eye care service with routine pathological eye examinations with ophthalmic associates. With a variety of diagnostic procedures in our consulting rooms and an excellent retail space for bespoke clients it offers patients and customers a total eye care service. Kanti works closely with his patients and associated healthcare professionals forming a team approach to provide the best results for each and every person individually. Contact us info@eyeexcellence.co.uk or 02074874267 for more details.

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