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  • An eye for an eye, a tooth for…!?

    It was encouraging to read in yesterday’s online Telegraph, the story of Ian Tibbetts who lost the sight in both of his eyes following an unfortunate accident involving scrap metal.

    Sadly he had never seen his four year old twins’ faces, surely heartbreaking for any parent. However, thanks to the pioneering work of Professor Chris Liu of Sussex Eye Hospital he now can. The procedure Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis  (OOKP) performed exclusively by Professor Liu,  involves the creation of a new eye using a plastic lens and one of the patients own teeth.

    The lens is inserted into a hole drilled through the tooth, which is later implanted in the eye. Providing that the retina is still functioning, the lens then acts as window through which the patient can see.


    Currently the treatment can only be used to treat certain types of blindness, and as Mr Tibbetts said the vision comes and goes. However already this is an amazing advancement in the fight to restore vision. Kudos to Professor Liu and his team.


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