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    As those of you who have children know they can be pretty unforgiving in their treatment of certain objects. Any children’s toys need to be robust and ready for anything throw at it, or to be thrown for that matter. The same applies with children’s glasses. Often glasses are left, lost, trodden on and so forth. So any eyewear for children needs that same amount of toughness and durability.

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    We are fortunate these days as technology with the optical industry has led the way exceptionally well in developing an increasing amount of eyewear that is virtually unbreakable. Areas such as lens manufacture have seen the advent of lenses that are strong but flexible in materials such as polycarbonate. They are toughened and specially coated with a UV filter for the protection of your children’s eyes as well as eyesight.

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    Children’s frames in the past were merely scaled down versions of adult’s glasses with intricate joints and parts that were prone to get damaged in the hurly burly world of the playground. This is no longer the case and children’s glasses have a distinctive look and fit suited to the child. In addition like the lens, frames are made of materials that are virtually unbreakable and supplemented with joint design on the arms that allows for flexibility and a long life.

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    To that end Eye Excellence stocks a wide variety of children’s and toddler’s frames just right for the purpose of supporting their eye care needs. In addition we can also obtain whatever the parents and children require making their transition to wearing glasses both a comfortable and happy experience. We have top quality brands such as Swissflex, Zoobugs and Rayban plus a variety of cords available to fit the glasses in place. Our resident optician, Kanti has worked with the area of children’s eye care in both NHS hospitals and in the private sector for over 20 years. This has included dispensing glasses to babies as young as a few months old. In addition we provide excellence aftercare to ensure that al goes smoothly. In fact we have many patients who have come to us as young toddlers and are still with us into their teen years.

    And finally if you are lucky enough to be going into warmer and sunnier climates in the near future we can support you there as well with our range of children’s sunglasses from Rayban. These are not only fashionable and great for wearing on the beach or the slopes but also are fully UV protected to ensure that your children’s eyes are fully protected from the suns harmful rays.

    Rayban sunglasses for children

    As always the practice in 28 New Cavendish St is open every weekday from 9am until 5.30 we were are always ready to assist in issues of eye care. We can also provide eye tests from a respected Harley Street eye surgeon to ensure that your child receives the correct prescription sufficient for their needs.

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